The third Resource Team Gathering of MCYM-Chennai was held on Saturday, 25 June 2016. The meeting was led by Mr Saji Daniel, the Animator of MCYM-Pune Exarchate in the presence of the Director of MCYM-Chennai,  Rev Fr Sabu Maruthoor. The session started with a welcome note by the president of MCYM-Padi, Rinson V Thomas, followed by a brief self-introduction of all the MCYM members who were present.

Details of the Gathering:

MCYM members of Padi and Ayapakkam Parish took part in the third session.

  • The topic of the session was ‘Green Meadows’.
  • There was an ice breaking session with a game which made everyone enthusiastic and active for the proceedings.
  • The Youth were introduced into the topic on the basis of the game, on how to protect our earth which is in our hands.
  • Verses from the Bible were highlighted on how God teaches about the importance of protecting our nature.
  • The gathering was given a puzzle to come up with a chain of words related to our environment.
  • Later the gathering was divided into groups and was asked to discuss about things that everyone can ‘start’, ‘continue’ and ‘stop’ to protect our nature.
  • The gathering was also given instructions on how to take this class in an interesting way in their respective units.


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